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EMAE 450 Advanced Engineering Analysis

Spring & Fall Semester

This course is intended to equip students with tools for solving mathematical problems commonly encountered in mechanical, fluid and thermal systems.  The course covers topics related to analytical and computational approaches to problems categorized in a variety of ways including: 1. Linear versus nonlinear problems 2) finite degrees of freedom v. infinite degrees of freedom, 3) equilibrium v. propagation v. eigenvalue problems, 4) direct formulations v. indirect formulations 5) analytical v. numerical solutions. 
Gold Theme

EMAE 501 Constitutive Modeling of Materials

Even Spring Semester

Fundamentals of constitutive modeling of deformable solids. Hyper-elastic, viscoelastic, plastic, and viscoplastic material responses and how microstructural mechanisms influence the macroscopic mechanical behavior in different materials. The course also aims at equipping students with necessary background to develop constitutive models that can be used in commercial/research finite element software for the analysis of complex structures and components. 
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