ME 365 Composite Materials

Effect of chemical structure and morphology on properties. Linear viscoelasticity, damping and stress relaxation phenomena. Structure and mechanics of filler and fiber reinforced composites. Mechanical properties and failure mechanisms. Material selection and designing with polymers. Processing of polymer and composite parts.

Numerical Methods

This course is an introduction for frequently used numerical methods and tips, including Data fitting;  Interpolation; Roots of equations; Numerical integration; Numerical differentiation;  Differential equations;  Numerical methods for ODEs; Runge-Kutta methods;  Boundary value problems; Partial differential equations; Finite difference method; Finite element method  

Finite Element Analysis and Design

The class is an introductory course of finite element analysis (FEA). It will cover the fundamental theory of FEA including FEA formula for truss, beam, 2D and 3D elasticity problem, general theory and considerations of FEA. The lab session will give chances to find applications to problems including structural mechanics, elasticity, and heat conduction. 
Optimal Design 

Modeling for mechanical design optimization. Algorithms for constrained and unconstrained optimization. Optimality criteria. Optimization using finite element models. Design projects.

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