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Yaokun Pang

Postdoc Associate (2019-2022)

Research Interest: Energy harvesting, TENGs

Current position: Professor, Qingdao University

Shoue Chen.png

Shoue Chen

PhD Student (2018-2022)

Research Interest: Soft robots, packaging

Current position: Research Engineer, CA

Yin Liu_edited_edited.jpg

Yin Liu

Postdoc Fellow (2018-2019)

Research Interest: Soft Materials and Mechanics 

Current position: Scientist, Singapore-A* Star


Lixing Wang

Visiting Scholar (2018-2019)

Research Interest: RFID and smart packaging system

Current position: Associate Professor, Northeastern University

Yu Zhiqiang.png

Zhiqiang Yu

Visiting Scholar (2019-2020)

Research Interest: Micro-/Nano-manufacturing, Soft Robotics, IoTs

Current Position: Assistant Professor, Beijing Institute of Technology

liu xiaomin_edited.jpg

Xiaomin Liu

Visiting Scholar (2019-2020)

Research Interests: Soft Robotics

Current position: Professor, Beihua University

Ling Li_edited.png

Ling Li

Visiting Scholar (2018-2019)

Research Interest: Dynamics, Contact Mechanics, Tribology

Current position: Professor, Xi'an University of Architecture & Technology

Xianchen Xu.jpg

Xianchen Xu

Postdoc Fellow (2020-2022)

Research interest: Mechanics

Current position: Postdoc at Duke

Kexin Zeng.png

Kexin Zeng

MS student (2018-2020)

Research interest: Surface coatings 

Current position: Packaging Engineer


Yihao Zhou

Postdoc Fellow (2018-2019)

Research interest: Nanomaterials & Energy devices

Current position: Postdoc, UCLA


Mahdi M. Zand

Visiting Scholar (2018-2019)

School of Mechanical Engineering

University of Tehran, Iran

Current position: Assistant Professor, University of Tehran, Iran

Sundararajan Natarajan.jpg

Sundar Natarajan

Visiting Professor (2017-2017)

Research Interest: Computational mechanics 

Current position: Assistant Professor, IIT-Madras


Renjie Ke

PhD Student (2020-2022)

Research interest: Mechanics

Current position: Research Engineer


Junchi An

REU (2019-2020)

Research interest: 3D/4D printing

Current position: MS student, Columbia University, NY

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