• 2020/10: Yunwei's paper on precision processing has been published in Advanced Engineering Materials. Cheers!    

  • 2020/10: Our proposal on printed electronics for smart packaging has been funded by USDA-NIFA! Thanks for the support!   

  • 2020/10: Yaokun's review paper on hybrid energy harvesting system has been accepted for publication by Matter! Cheers!   

  • 2020/08: Our proposal on soft collaborative robotics has been funded by NSF-NRI 2.0, congratulations to the great team. Our group will design and improve our soft robotic grippers and arms in the next four years!  

  • 2020/08: Our work on self-powered forest fire alarm system is highlighted Science! Cheers! 

  • 2020/07: Xiaomin's work on soft robotic hands has been reported by MSU TodayRobotic

  • Nanowerk, IDTechEx, ScienceDailyand many others.

  • 2020/06: Yaokun's paper on novel self-powered fire alarm system has been reported by MSU Today, EurekAlert, Phys.orgScienceDailyENNNanowerk, IDTechExSunriseTechno, and many others. 

  • 2020/05: Yaokun's paper on novel TENG powered sensor system has been accepted for publication by Advanced Functional Materials. Congrats!  

  • 2020/04: Xiaomin's paper has been accepted for publication by Soft Robotics. Congrats! 

  • 2020/03: Kexin's paper has been accepted for publication by ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces.

  • 2020/03: Our work on stretchable Au-CNT forest-based supercapacitor has been published online in Matter. The research has been reported by ScienceDailyPhys.orgNanowerkNews BreakDuke Research and others. 

  • 2020/03: Shoue's Paper has been selected to be featured on the inside cover of the upcoming issue of Advanced Materials Technologies! Congrats! 

  • 2020/02: Yihao's paper on robust stretchable supercapacitor from MXene and RGO composites has been accepted for publication by ACS Nano. Cheers!



  • 2019/12: ​Yin's paper on modeling magnetoactive elastomers has been accepted for publication by International Journal of Applied Mechanics. Congrats!

  • 2019/12: ​Congratulations to Juan and Shoue for wining the award of "The 4th China Sustainable Packaging and Safety Design Innovation Contest”. Good job! 

  • 2019/11: ​​Shoue's review paper on soft robots has been published in Advanced Materials Technologies. Thank all the co-authors! Cheers!

  • 2019/11: Dr. Cao delivered an invited talk at Oak Ridge National Lab (ORNL) and visited the University of Tennessee and Joint Institute of Advanced Materials. Thank Pooran and Yanfei for their kind host and the delicious food!  

  • 2019/10: ​Dr. Cao attended the NextFlex workshop, and visited Prof. Kejie Zhao's Lab and Prof. Wenbin Yu's Lab at Purdue University! Thank you all for the warm reception! 

  • 2019/10: Dr. Cao hosted Prof. Nadia Lapusta from Caltech for giving the Midwest Mechanics Seminar

  • 2019/09: Changyong, Shoue and Kexin attended the Pack Expo held in Chicago! Great experience and lots of fun! Expect next time in Las Vegas!   

  • 2019/09: 2​​Yaokun's review paper on 3D printed batteries has been accepted for publication in Advanced Functional Materials (IF: 15.621). Congrats! 

  • 2019/09: Prof. Benedetto Marelli from MIT visited SME Lab and gave an invited talk on structural biopolymers at Packaging School 

  • 2019/09: ​​Ling's paper on new contact model of joint surfaces has been accepted for publication in International Journal of Applied Mechanics. Congrats! 

  • ​​2019/09: Yaokun's paper on novel hierarchical structured triboelectric nanogenerator (HS-TENG) has been accepted for publication in Nano Energy (IF: 15.548). Congrats! 

  • 2019/06: Our new paper has been accepted for publication in Smart Materials and Structures . Good job! 

  • 2019/04: Our research work has been reported by MSUToday! and reported by Science Daily, NanoWerk, Techxplore, EurekAlert, Agenparl, PioneeringMinds, AZONano, Medgadget.

  • 2019/04: Our paper on Highly Stretchable Supercapacitors  via Crumpled CNT-Forests has been accepted for publication in Advanced Energy Materials  (IF: 24.88).  Cheers! 

  • 2019/04: Congratulations to Shoue and Kexin for awarding the CANR fellowship funds for their summer work. 

  • 2019/04: ​Yin's paper "Phase Transition and Optimal Actuation of Active Bilayer Structures" has been accepted for publication in Extreme Mechanics Letters.  Congrats!  

  • 2019/02: We are inviting you to contribute to  the Topic 25:  Material Processing of Flexible Electronics, Sensors, and Devices, in Track 10 of IMECE 2019. Look forward to seeing you in Salt Lake City, USA, November 8 - 14, 2019. 

  • 2019/01: We are inviting you to contribute to  the Topic 5:  Mechanics and manufacturing of soft materials and soft robots, and Topic 6: Mechanics modeling of soft robots, in Track 12 of IMECE 2019. Look forward to seeing you in Salt Lake City, USA, November 8 - 14, 2019. 



  • 2018/11: ​Yihang's paper has been accepted for publication in Advanced Science!  Good job! 

  • 2018/10: ​Our new review paper on stretchable supercapacitors has been accepted for publication in Small !  Cheers! 

  • ​2018/10: Dr. Cao attended the IMECE 2018 in Pittsburgh between Nov. 10-15, 2018, and  gave invited talks for our work on printed electronics and soft active materials!  

  • 2018/09: Changyong, Shoue and Kexin attended the Pack Expo held in Chicago! Great experience and lots of fun! Expect next time in Las Vegas!   

  • 2018/08: Welcome our new group members: Yihang Chu (University of Minnesota - Twin Cites) and Shoue Chen (Hunan University), who join us this fall for their PhD study! ​ 

  • 2018/07: Dr. Cao co-organized a symposium: Mechanics of Soft Materials with Multi-physics: From Deformation to Failure in 13th World Congress on Computational Mechanics (WCCM2018 ) in New York City, July 22-27, 2018! 

  • 2018/06: Dr. Cao gave an invited talk at the 18th U.S. National Congress for Theoretical and Applied Mechanics (Northwestern University) in Chicago, IL, June 4-9, 2018. 

  • 2018/06: Welcome our new group member Dr. Yin Liu, who joins us as a research associate! 

  • 2018/04: Changyong attended the 2018 MRS Spring Meeting at Phoenix, AZ for presenting our work on printed electronics and sensors!    

  • 2018/03: Changyong gave an invited talk at MSU Electrical and Computer Engineering! Thank you Prof. Xiaobo Tan for hosting the event!   

  • 2018/02: Congratulations to former group member Xiao Wang for admission into the MS program of Stanford University! Great job!  

  • 2018/02: Prof. Michael Dickey from NC State University visited out lab and gave a talk of " Soft, Stretchable, and Reconfigurable Materials for Electronics and Actuators", and discussed possible collaborations for the future!  



  • 2017/10: Our collaborative work on high-performance room-temperature processed perovskite solar cell has been published in Energy and Environmental Science! Congrats! 

  • 2017/10: Dr. Cao attended the 2017 New England Mechanics Workshop held at MIT, and talked with many old and new friends there! Great experience!

  • 2017/07: Our collaborative work with Prof. Lingchong You's group on bacteria pressure sensor has been published in Nature Biotechnology,  and reported by many media. Congratulations to all the authors! 

  • 2017/05: Our new paper on noninvasive materials thickness sensors enhanced through aerosol jet printed metallic carbon nanotube ink has been accepted for publication in IEEE Sensors!  Cheer! 

  • 2017/04: Dr. Changyong Cao won the 2nd Prize at the 2017 Mahato Memorial Envisioning the Invisible Photo & Image Contest, cheers!

  • 2017/04: The work on fully printed memristors collaborated with Prof. Ben Wiley Group has been published in Journal of Electronic Materials, titled "Fully Printed Memristors from Cu–SiO2 Core–Shell Nanowire Composites"! The research work was reported by many media, such as ScienceDaily, Duke Research, Atma 360, Eastday, PEOL.  Cheers!

  • 2017/03: Dr. Changyong Cao gave an invited talk at Iowa State University! Thank you for the invitation!  

  • 2017/02: Our paper "Completely Printed, Flexible, Stable and Hysteresis-Free Carbon Nanotube Thin-Film Transistors via Aerosol Jet Printing "has been accepted by Advanced Electronics Materials! Cheers!

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