Principal Investigator (PI)

Assistant Professor

Laboratory for Soft Machines & Electronics

Packaging | Mechanical Engineering | Electrical & Computer Engineering

Michigan State University

Address: 448 Wilson Road RM-130, East Lansing 48824, MI

Phone: 517-353-9504


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Postdoc Associate & Research Scholar
Graduate Student

​Dr. Yaokun Pang

Postdoc Fellow

Research Interests: Flexible and Wearable Electronics

Dr. Lixing Wang

Visiting Scholar

Research Interest: Smart Packaging System

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Dr. Masoud Derakhshani

Postdoc Fellow

Research Interests: Energy Harvesting and Soft Machines

Postdoc Position

We have one postdoc position available in the areas of multi-functional materials, soft robots and machines, 3D/4D printing, sensors and energy harvesters.  If interested, please submit your cover letter,  CV, research plan and 2-3 recommendation letters to Dr. Cao for consideration.

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Shoue Chen

PhD student

Research Interests: Soft Robots, Soft Materials

Juan Gu

PhD student

Research Interests: Advanced Materials & Designs 

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Kexin Zeng

Master Student

Research Interests: Surface and Interface

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