Principal Investigator (PI)
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Dr. Changyong Cao

Assistant Professor & Director

Laboratory for Soft Machines & Electronics

Michigan State University

Address: 448 Wilson Road RM-130, East Lansing 48824, MI

Phone: 517-353-9504


Associate Editor, IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters (RA-L) 

Guest Editor & Editorial Board Member, Forces in Mechanics (Elsevier)

Postdoc Associate & Research Scholar

Y. Pang

Postdoc Fellow

Research Interests: Flexible and Wearable Electronics

L. Wang

Visiting Scholar

Research Interest: Smart Packaging System

X. Xu

Postdoc Fellow

Research Interest: Metamaterials and Solid Mechanics 

Graduate Student

S. Chen

PhD Student

Research Interests: Soft Robots, Soft Materials

Y. Chu

PhD Student

Research Interest: Printed Electronics

K. Zeng

MS Student

Research Interests: Surface and Interface, Coatings


for PhD Students

Research directions: Soft Robotics, Soft Electronics, Metamaterials, Machine Learning


Y. Li

Undergraduate Student

Research Interests: Soft Robots, Soft Materials

C. Cook

Undergraduate Student

Research Interest: Packaging Materials


for Undergraduate Students

Research Interest: Soft robotics, soft electronics, energy harvesting, 3D/4D printing, metamaterials, etc.

J. An

Undergraduate Student

Research Interests: 3D/4D Printing

S. Shin

Undergraduate Student

Research Interest: 3D/4D Printing

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