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We are always looking for outstanding candidates to join the group at the Case School of Engineering for exploring the fantastic research projects in Soft Materials, Soft Electronics, and Soft Robots/Machines

PhD/MS Positions

Prospective PhD/MS students with strong motivation are encouraged to apply to the PhD/MS program in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at Case School of Engineering. The research topics include but not limited to soft materials, soft robotics, emerging electronics and energy devices, multifunctional metamaterials, bioinspired materials, and advanced smart manufacturing. In your application, please indicate your interests in working with Dr. Cao at SME Laboratory. Prior to submitting your application, you are strongly encouraged to send your CV and a brief description of research interest to Dr. Cao ( for consideration. 


Admitted graduate students in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Electrical, Computer, and Systems Engineering, Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering, Materials Science & Engineering, Macromolecular Science & Engineering, and Biomedical Engineering are also welcome to contact Dr. Cao to discuss possible PhD/MS projects. 


Please refer the details on the application deadlines and requirements at the Graduate School of CWRU (Note: Better to submit everything before Feb. 15, 2023. CWRU is currently accepting the TOEFL Home Edition. There is NO requirement for the GRE). In the meanwhile, you are most welcome to check the external funding opportunity that you are qualified, and discuss with Dr. Cao for the supporting of your application. 

Postdoctoral Positions

We are looking for highly creative and highly motivated postdoctoral research associates in the broad areas of soft materials, soft robotics, emerging electronics, sensors and energy devices, multifunctional metamaterials, bioinspired materials, and advanced smart manufacturing. Qualified candidate should send his/her 1) CV together with 2) research statement (including research experience, achievements and future plan, no more than three pages), 3) full publication list, and 4) contact information of at least two referees to Dr. Cao ( for consideration.

Undergraduate Research Positions
Motivated undergraduate students at any department of CWRU who are interested in research opportunities with the SME laboratory are strongly encouraged to contact Dr. Cao ( for possible research projects.​ We expect the undergraduate can work collaboratively and independently in a dynamics environments and to be some of the most successful undergraduates in the country.

Visiting Scholars
We welcome highly motivated visiting PhD students and Professors (at all levels) to join us, in particularly in the areas of solid mechanics, bioinspired materials, 3D/4D printing, stretchable/printed/flexible electronics, biomaterials and biotechnology, soft robotics, MEMS/NEMS, and biomedical devices. If interested, please contact Dr. Cao (ccao@case.edufor inquiry. 

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