​Dr. Mahdi M. Zand

Visiting Scholar (2018/01-2018/09)

School of Mechanical Engineering

University of Tehran, Iran

Current position: Assistant Professor, University of Tehran, Iran

Dr. Omid Nabinejad

Visiting Scholar (2018/02-2018/08)

Materials Science & Engineering

Curtin University, Australia

Current position: Postdoc, MSU

Sundar Natarajan

Visiting Professor

Mechanical Engineering

Indian Institute of Technology-Madras, India

Current position: Assistant Professor, IIT-Madras

Xiao Wang

​REU Student (2017/01-2017/05)

Department of Physics

Nanjing University

Current position: MS in Stanford University

Abhinay Kumar

REU Student (2016/05-2016/08)

Electrical and Computer Engineering

India Institute of Technology-Kanpur, India

Current position: Consultant, J.P. Morgan

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Zhiqiang Yu

Visiting PhD Student​ (2019/01-2019/12)

Research Interest: Micro-/Nano-manufacturing, Soft Robotics, IoTs

Current Position: PhD student, BIT

Xiaomin Liu

Visiting Scholar (2018/11-2019/12)

Research Interests: Soft Robotics

Current position: Associate Professor, Beihua University

Yin Liu

Postdoc Fellow (2018/06-2019/06)

Research Interest: Soft Materials and Mechanics 

Current position: Postdoc, KAUST

Ling Li

Visiting Scholar (2018/09-2019/09)

Research Interest: Dynamics, Contact Mechanics, Tribology

Current position: Professor, Xi'an University of Architecture and Technology

Chirag Bangera

Master student (2017.09-2018.05)

Packaging Materials

Research Interests: Surface and Interface 

Current position: Packaging Engineer

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