GRC-Multifunctional Materials
Cao Group Dinner-2019
Cao Research Group Dinner for celebrating the new year and farewell to Xiaomin and Zhiqiang! Good luck!
Dr. Zhiwei Wang from Jinan Univ.
Prof. Zhiwei Wang, pioneer scholar in transportation packaging in China.
Dr. Filipov visited Cao's Lab
IMECE 2019 (Salt Lake City)
with friend from all over the world in academia.
Visit Dr. Kam Leung
Visit Utah University and Prof. Leung's Robotics Lab, 2019.11.14
Dr. Lapusta from Caltech visited MSU
Visit Dr. Kejie Zhao@Purdue
Dr. Marelli visited MSU
With Prof. Z.L. Wang & Prof. Teng Li
20190629, Sustech
Visit Prof. Junlan Wang@ UW
Visit Prof. Junlan Wang@ UW, 2019.4
Talk with Prof. John Rogers@GRC
Talk with Prof. John Rogers@GRC, 2019.02.
2019 New Year's Group Dinner
Ling, Chngyong, Yin, Xiaomin, Kexin, Shoue, Yihang. Some members missed.
Dinner with friends@IMECE-2018
IMECE 2018@Pittsburgh
Prof. Guoliang Huang, me, Prof. Ji Wang, Prof. Weiqiu Chen
with Prof. Tzou Hornsen@IMECE2018
5th GCPFMS@Shenzhen
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Dr. Lapusta from Caltech visited MSU